28 December 2011

Pimientos de Padron

Whenever we go to Spain there are a few things which we just can't wait to eat. Most are relatively simple everyday foods and whilst theoretically available in the UK too somehow just don't seem to taste the same. One of those is Pimientos de Padron. These are small green peppers which interestingly engage you in a game of Russian roulette whenever you have them. They are easy to prepare and make a great tapas dish but due to some genetic anomaly about one in ten is considerably hotter than it's companions. We once served them to a friend and as luck would have it the first one she tried was a hot one so suspecting my motives she could not be persuaded to try any more completely disbelieving my protestations that this was the exception rather than the rule.
To cook them we generally put a splash of olive oil in a skillet. Throw in the pimientos and cook until slightly charred. Season and sprinkle with a little garlic salt. Serve immediately.

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