26 January 2012

Spanish Tortilla....Ole!!

Spanish Tortilla is a wonderful standby. It's ingredients are inexpensive, tasty, easily available and apart from a base of eggs and potatoes almost infinitely variable. But come to think of it even the potatoes are negotiable. A large tortilla can be kept in the fridge for several days to be sliced up in small or large portions as and when the need arises. Last year when we made a king size one on a skiing trip in Baquera in the Pyrenees it proved incredibly popular at 4 pm when every one came home more than a little peckish and fancied a little apres ski nibble while they waited for their turn in the shower. It should be pointed out that it also seemed to disappear at breakfast and for that matter at lunch time as well. In fact so popular was it that a second had to be russled up but this time we substituted spaghetti for the potatoes.

Made in Baquera

I suppose you could describe Spanish tortilla (not to be confused with Mexican tortilla - a type of flat bread) as a thick omelette which is cooked in a skillet but not turned over. The ingredients which usually include potatoes (waxy varieties are best) are arranged and then covered with whisked eggs. Spaghetti also makes a lovely tortilla, just cook the pasta, drain, allow to cool and press into the pan with any other ingredients and continue as normal. Tortillas can be plain but extra flavour and interest can be added by ingredients such as onion, garlic, pancetta, chorizo, chilli or tabasco, cheeses, vegetables such as peppers, asparagus or peas or even fish such as flaked mackerel or prawns. Below are the basic ingredients but feel free to choose your own or use up whatever is in the fridge.

Use a non-stick pan. Slice the onion and fry in the oil with garlic, chilli flakes, chorizo and or bacon until translucent. Add the potatoes and allow them to soak up some of the flavoured oil. Season the dry ingredients. Meanwhile whisk the eggs with milk and butter, season and pour over. Make sure the egg penetrates through all the ingredients. Cook on a low heat to avoid burning the base of the tortilla which will become the top. After a few minutes switch the heat source to the top by placing the pan under a grill. When almost cooked (that is the egg is solid) remove from the heat. The residue heat will continue the cooking process. Allow to cool slightly. Run a knife around the edge of the pan. Take a large plate and place upside down over the pan. Quickly flick the tortilla onto the plate. This is always a heart stopping moment but hopefully you will have a lovely round and slightly browned tortilla cake. One final suggestion. Cut the tortilla into small cubes skewer with cocktail sticks to make a dainty canape.


  1. lovely

  2. love this!!!! can't believe we actually packed them into our pockets to eat while skiing! hahaha!