11 May 2015

Stout Floats

We've just come back from a wonderful weekend in Ireland where foodie delights included crab claws and a tapas lunch by Skerries harbour, North County Dublin, delicious roast Irish beef with retro prawn cocktail and baked Alaska by Lough Ree on the Shannon and warming Irish coffees in the wonderful eighteenth century Carton demesne where we were staying in Paul and Bryan's idyllic home hidden deep in the beautiful estate woods.

Well what to post to represent the great variety of Irish cuisine. One of our favourites is Irish coffee which we have already posted
(Clouds in my Irish coffee 21/12/12) As making Irish coffees is a delicate business here's a variation which combines not one but two Irish classics and is simply child's play to make.


Tall Sundae glass
Vanilla ice cream
Guinness or Murphy's Stout
Espresso shot


Chill the glass in the fridge for about half an hour. Place several scoops of ice cream in the glass and pour over a shot of espresso. Top with stout!

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