7 May 2015

Croquetas de jamon o champinones

You can't beat this old Spanish favourite which is an absolute must when ordering tapas. We have adapted it very slightly to make it easier to work and abandoned the more typical b├ęchamel sauce filling for a moist mash. This also affords the opportunity to play with flavours so we've added grated parmesan for an extra taste kick! Here we've also suggested the classic chopped ham but you could just as well use fish, mushroom or peas and wasabi and / or mint... Quantities are flexible!


900 g mashed potatoes
Cooked Ham diced
Mushrooms diced
Parmesan grated
1 Egg yolk
1 Tbsp flour
White Pepper

Bread crumbs
Plain flour
2 Eggs ( beaten )


Split the mash into two bowls and add the cooked diced ham or mushrooms to one. Mix well add an egg yolk to each and a handful of grated parmesan. If the mix is too moist to work add a table spoon of bread crumbs. Conversely the mix can be let down by adding melted butter or milk. Leave in the fridge for about an hour to cool down which will make the mix easier to work. Shape into either cigars, balls or small patties. Dust in flour then dip in beaten and finally breadcrumbs.  Deep fry or pan fry and keep warm in the oven on kitchen paper until ready to serve. Smoked paprika mayo makes a perfect accompaniment!

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