25 May 2012

Nul Points....No Way!

".....Boom bang-a-bang-bang, Boom bang-a-bang-bang,
Boom bang-a-bang-bang...."

Lulu (Joint winner Eurovision Song Contest) 1969

Yes folks it's that time of year again! Just forget about Lizzie's Diamond Jubilee and the 30th Olympic bash this is so much more fun, makes compelling TV viewing and year after year never fails to disappoint. Up and down the land over excited groups of feverish enthusiasts will be huddled in front of their 40 inch flat screens screaming and shouting approval and dancing around the room. Oh the raw emotion of it all!  Have you guessed yet? Yes it's time for that infamous pan European chanson fest and this year's uber party hosted by Azerbaijan promises to pull no punches.

The Eurovision Song Contest never let's you down, it's captivating and unmissable fun! Watching on BBC we do miss Terry Wogan's drole voice-over trough out the competition so familiar for the last few centuries, but fellow countryman Graham Norton does a fine job.  The international line up gathered in Baku this time looks as eclectic as ever to say the least. So whether your preference is for Dublin duo Jedward, British veteran Engelbert or the Russian Grannies (one of whom sadly just pips the Hump in the geriatric stakes thus denying him even that dubious superlative accolade! ) sit back, relax enter into the spirit and just let the unbelievably kitsch madness wash over you.

Of course the glitzy stage performances are merely the sotto voce prelude to the voting crescendo which follows when, thanks to 21st century technical wizardry, one by one, representatives from the capitals of Europe and beyond are called upon to give their totally unbiased scores for the music on offer. Many of them it has to be said show distinct signs of being the worst for wear!  So why not take the hint and join them. Collect some like minded friends together and have a party. Russle up a few of the quick and simple party nibbles we have posted on the this blog in the past (Double Dip, Sweet Potato Parcels, Chicken Liver Pate, Pimientos de Padron or Amaze Buche or even throw together a couple of Puff Pastry Pizzas) and why not wash them down with these exotic Mango Mojitos. This glamourous cocktail is absolutely guaranteed to score maximum points from every jury, not to mention render the songs almost bearable and make your entire evening go with a big big (boom bang-a) bang!!

Incredibly Fed Mango Mojitos


1 Lime cut into quarters
5 Fresh mint leaves
Soda water
2 Shots white rum
1 Shot Simple syrup*
1 shot Mango nectar/puree
1 Shot golden rum (optional)
Crushed Ice


Squeeze lime into a glass and add the pieces. Add mint leaf, simple sugar and muddle (bruise). Add white rum, mango and fill with crushed ice. Top up with soda water and finish off with golden rum. Garnish with a sprig of mint. Cheers!!

* Simple syrup
2 cups Muscovado sugar
1 cup water

Place in a sauce pan and heat until sugar is dissolved. (About 5 minutes) Allow to cool.

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